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Great choice of locks

There are a wide variety of different types of locks and lock and door systems which can be overwhelming when you are not sure what advantages which style has to offer and how they may benefit your specific property. We understand that each property is different and requires a different level and style of security. Our team is fully equipped with the knowledge to advise customers on which type of lock would be most beneficial to them and they property.

Did you know that there are certain regulations with regard to security criteria which require locks to meet specific requirements. If you have been in your property for a long period of time and haven’t changed the doors or locks since moving in you may find your security measures our out of date. Old style locks have been made with poorer materials compared with new locks, as with any product as technology increases the quality of materials also increase providing stronger and more durable locks.


Our team is equipped with this knowledge. And we can offer advice on which types of locks your property requires. That is for it to become up to date to current regulations. You will need British Standard and insurance standard locks. Common locks such as the cylinder style which are fitted on the majority of doors and windows may not be as beneficial as newer more modern locks. These cheap common locks are more prone to snapping, a technique frequently used by burglars known as lock snapping when breaking into a property.

Our locks are made with anti-snap techniques giving you a greater sense of security for your property when choosing Cheap Locksmiths Prices. Call us today or book an appointment via the website to get a quote or find out what we can do to improve your security.

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