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Common Jobs

A key on key ring
A standard key on key ring.

We are able to deal with your lock-out

Locksmiths are called out for a variety of reasons to increase security measures within properties whether they are personal homes or commercial buildings.

Our team are fully trained and equipped to deal with a large range of tasks and carry with them specialist tools and materials to ensure they are prepared to deal with request on differing lock types and styles. Do you know how easy it is to become locked out of your own property? Our team respond to these requests on a daily basis and are therefore able to deal with them within a timely manner and with limited damage. Let’s say you go out to the shops and return home with your shopping. Then to find you have dropped your keys somewhere on the walk home. This accident leaves you stood on the street with your shopping bags.

Functioning lock and door

All you need is our number to hand and we can be with you in 30 minutes to get you back inside your property as soon as possible and change the locks so if anyone happened to come across your missing keys they were not able to enter your property. Another frequent job request involves responding to a break-in event on a property.

In these cases usually the lock and door have been damaged in the process of breaking in and customers require both the door and lock to be fixed. Our team can assist in this within the same day allowing customers to sleep good that night knowing they have a functioning lock and door on their property. Also we have the highest quality for our locks and high standard service. You can be assured that a future break-in attempt would be much more difficult. And the burglars would most likely be discouraged from targeting your property, whether it be your home or business.

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